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The Falcon (30 min)

Show Description

Michael Waring is The Falcon, a detective with a penchant for getting set up for crimes he doesn’t commit. The series moves smoothly from one week to the next week as new dilemmas are intro­duced at the end of one episode for solving the following week. 

Show History

The Falcon was a radio series based on a number of popular motion pictures from the early 1940’s. It premiered on the American Blue Network in April 1943, and aired for the next ten years. It was here that his transition into a private eye was finalized, with The Falcon, originally called Guy Lawrence, but now called Michael Waring working as a hardboiled insurance investigator, with an office and a secretary, Nancy. It was on different networks with different days and time slots, but always a 30 minute show. Barry Kroeger was the first radio voice of The Falcon, followed by James Meighan, Les Tremayne, George Petrie, and Les Damon. Nearly all the shows were broadcast from New York.

Each show usually started out with a telephone call to The Falcon from a beautiful woman. Answering in his slightly British accent, he would reply to her and another adventure would follow. Waring was snappy and sarcastic with the incompetent police who were inevitably unable to solve the mysteries without his help. Like the films, the radio plots mixed danger, romance and comedy in equal parts. A total of about 70 shows, representing the length of the run, are available today.

It was this version of The Falcon that was made into another short series of films, three in all, with John Calvert as Waring, produced by Film Classics. And it was this film version of The Falcon that was adapted, in the mid-fifties, for a brief syndicated television series, starring Charles McGraw now as a slightly more hardboiled, and less dashing Falcon. but again, his occupation had changed. He was now a “famous undercover agent” who “operates around the world on his hazardous missions,” as the promos put it.

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